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Historical exclusive. Tuck box with gold foil and embossing, playing cards with gold foil and glass diamond on the Tuck Box!

Adolf Iosifovich Charlemagne, or Sharleman was a Russian painter of historical, genre and battle scenes. He was also the creator of a popular design for playing cards known as the "Atlas".

In 1862 Charlemagne created the "New Figures" (watercolor). There were no jokers, no aces, and generally these cards were never published or created. He did not even position them as cards. Just sketches, etudes with watercolor in the style of cards.
After the original sketches of new figures received from the museum have been studied, artists have begun the work. Step by step... very accurately they did by pencils sketches of future images.
We didn't plan to copy style and A. Charlemagne's manner. We could never create what was thought up by the great artist.

Unfortunately, we couldn't address him for consultation (too long distance in 150 years divided us) and therefore trusted only own intuition and god!
Some figures which we have found in archives haven't been embodied at A. Charlemagne in his sketches. We have tried to draw them, but didn't begin to transfer to cards. it was necessary to create only that Adolf Charlemagne wanted after long and laborious work artists could finish what was planned.

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